The Grim Gang - Introducing​.​.​.​The Grim Gang EP (2016)

09 January, 2017

The Grim Gang - Introducing​.​.​.​The Grim Gang EP Cover

The Grim Gang is a four-piece grunge / hard rock hailing from Richmond, Virginia. Although The Grim Gang's career is very new - they just released their first, three-song demo EP Introducing​.​.​.​The Grim Gang - it looks quite promising.

The highlight of the EP is certainly the first track, Troublemaker. With its heavy and raw 90's sound and fast, catchy rhythm, it's a powerful song which will make your muscles move without you noticing. Exactly what a grunge song should be. The second track, Willow Branch, is a slower, ballad-esque rocker in the vein of Pearl Jam and Alice in Chains. The last song is a pretty straight forward cover of Nirvana's Pennyroyal Tea.

I really enjoyed the first demo EP of The Grim Gang. They caught my interest and can't wait to see a full album. If you like what you hear, then head over to their bandcamp and grab a digital copy for more listening pleasure. Also be sure to support them by checking out their Facebook, Soundcloud and Twitter.

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