Deaf Radio - Alarm (2017)

16 January, 2017

Deaf Radio - Alarm Album Cover

I hope you guys have a valid passport, because we are staying in Greece just a little bit longer. Maybe even the whole week. The next Greek artist after Hazy Blue Something is Deaf Radio, a very promising quartet hailing from Athens. They're Greece's best young exponents of post-punk styled desert rock, or just as David Letterman would say - a wonderful rock 'n roll band.

Deaf Radio brings warmth to the harsh winter. Their debut album Alarm is full of infectious guitar hooks and some extremely ear-pleasing vocal harmonies, with a refreshing approach to constructing traditional stoner rock music. A mixture of early Queens of the Stone Age and Masters of Reality combined with a slightly post-punk vibe. This is just what I'd like to hear more often on stoner rock scene. The instruments are played well and the production is good without sounding over-produced. I don't think there is a need to review song after song, you just need to know that each song seems better than the last. Virtually no filler.

Overall, it's a great album and they rock out through the whole thing. I would recommend Alarm not only to the stoner rock lovers but also to fans of rock. They're certainly a band to follow, as we can tell from listening to their first album. It definitely made me a Deaf Radio fan!

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